The cosiest holiday studio in the old hay loft of our renovated farmhouse!

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    The “Hulsbeek” waterway, in the form of a small, open canal, separates the front garden from the pastures full of wildflowers behind the farmhouse. There, you will also find a beautiful vegetable garden.

    Our own bee colonies
    & much, much more...

    On this gorgeous domain, you will also find fields with large fruit trees. These pastures are home to (and guarded by) our sheep, geese, ducks and chickens.

    At the back of the domain, there is a hedgerow and a wildflower pasture – our way of contributing to the biodiversity in Flanders.

    Our own bee colonies reward us for our efforts with their delicious honey, not to mention their efficient pollination of the beautiful fruit trees, typical of our region.


    Hulsbeekstraat 124
    3450 Geetbets

    +32 (0)490 45 04 98 (Tom)
    +32 (0)479 41 65 35 (Evi)

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